Another Sky WIP

Thousands of years after a distant planet becomes disconnected from the galaxy, its humans are back on their feet again.

Two boys discover eerie happenings upon the planet. In the future, 6 friends try to ignore their pasts that go far, far back.

An epic fantasy adventure work in progress with POC and LGBT main characters.

Another Sky is the current name that the WIP is referred to as, but is not meant to be the actual name for the work.

The Moon Prince and the Forgotten Knight

On indefinite hiatus. The princely heir to the moon of the planet Breath knows there's someone he's not allowed to be too close to.

A fantasy adventure webserial with LGBT romances hosted on several sites.

on itchio
on tapas
on royalroad

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Naila Moonsi is an nby sapphic who has been running purely on the energy of coffee and tea lately. They have no cat in their life right now and it is unfortunate.

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Completed works.

In that Time and in that Space. A fluffy f/f fantasy short story.

  • In that Time and in that Space on Royalroads
  • In that Time and in that Space on AO3
  • Due to a quick move to another webhost, the short story is only on Royal Roads and AO3 for now. Will make a section for it on this site too as a to-do.